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TowBoatUS / Fred’s Marina is the the premier Towing, Re-Floating, and Recovery Company in the region. Situated on the Columbia River in Portland, OR, we are your go-to experts if your boat encounters trouble, whether it sinks at the dock or out in open waters. Our exceptional services cater to both insured individuals and those without insurance, collaborating with all insurance companies. Our unwavering dedication lies in ensuring customer satisfaction and upholding professionalism from start to finish. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us promptly in case of an emergency. We’re here to help!


Knowing the distinction between towing and salvage can spare boaters unnecessary expenses and frustration. Traditionally and legally, salvage refers to the voluntary and successful rescue of a boat, its cargo, and/or its passengers from perilous situations at sea. BoatUS, however, offers a more specific definition. When engaging towing services for its extensive membership base of over half a million, BoatUS mandates that marine assistance companies differentiate between simple towing and soft groundings on one hand, and the more severe and costly salvage operations where distress or danger are present.

This differentiation between towing and salvage is evident in the range of programs available to boaters. Towing assistance, such as the pre-paid service offered to BoatUS members through the TowBoatUS fleet, covers breakdowns and minor groundings. On the other hand, the significantly more expensive salvage claims fall under the purview of yacht insurance policies exclusively.

When a salvor is willing to undertake a job without knowing the final cost but intends to make a claim afterward, there are three ways the final amount can be determined. These include negotiation with your insurance company, binding arbitration (which encompasses the BoatUS Salvage Arbitration Program—an affordable option accessible to boat owners, insurance companies, and marine assistance providers), or, in rare cases, litigation in federal admiralty courts.

All boaters should review their marine insurance coverage with their agent to ensure adequate protection. Having sufficient insurance is the best safeguard against unexpected salvage expenses. Boaters must ascertain that their policy covers salvage up to the full value of the boat, rather than a percentage, and that there are no deductibles for salvage costs. The BoatUS marine insurance program offers comprehensive coverage in this regard.

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